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A programming language for the cloud

Wing combines infrastructure and runtime code in one language, enabling developers to stay in their creative flow, and to deliver better software, faster and more securely.

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Infrastructure and code in one language

A unified programming model that combines both infrastructure and application code into a single programming language.

  • Compiles to IaC (TF, CDK, etc.) & Javascript
  • Infrastructure resources are first-class citizens
  • Automatic IAM policies and other cloud mechanics
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Local simulation

Stay in your creative flow with minimal context switching and immediate feedback

  • Run your cloud application in your local environment
  • Visualize, interact, and debug locally
  • Write unit test for complete cloud architectures
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Apply DevOps at the right level

Use any cloud service and compile to multiple cloud providers and provisioning engines, with full control over how your infrastructure is configured and deployed

  • Cloud-agnostic SDK for maximum portability
  • Customizable infrastructure through plugins
  • Supports any provider in the Terraform ecosystem
AWS, GCP, Azure, Terraform,
CloudFormation, Pulumi, Kubrnetes
AWS, GCP, Azure, Terraform, CloudFormation, Pulumi, Kubrnetes
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Designed for humans

Easy to learn and interoperates with existing stacks and tools

  • Syntax inspired by modern application development languages like TypeScript, JavaScript, Swift, and more
  • Statically-typed and simple language with powerful IDE tooling
  • Interoperates with npm modules, CDK constructs and Terraform providers
Because of compilation
to Terraform and javascript
Because of compilation to Terraform and javascript
Fully functional within hours.
Wing made all the difference! After struggling for days with the CDK, I turned to Wing and had a fully functional Private API Gateway up and running within hours. Its simplicity and power are unparalleled. Thank you, Wing, for saving me time and headaches!
Ruslan Kazakov
Principle Software Designer
Run locally or deploy to any cloud
I'm sure @winglangio is the logical progression towards modern software development. Certain native cloud concepts are core part of the programming language. And yet the level of abstraction at which you program is highly portable.
Andreas Grimm
"Serverless & IAM" Solutions Architect
I hope Winglang will be the programming language of the future
My head is spinning with implications of Pulumi, Terraform, CDK, CloudFormation and K8s YAML being abstracted away by a compiled cloud-oriented programming language.
Eric Riddoch
Sr. MLOps Engineer
No solution is as anywhere as convenient as Wing
The local simulator is incredible value, it has been one of the things that has been difficult for me to find.
Griffin Hammer
Principal Software Engineer

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Finally, a language that can speak cloud

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